Monday, April 20, 2009

Cold Fusion - The ever so Hot Science

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In our lifetime we dismiss everything

We tend to dismiss everything that is being presented to us.

And we need to dismiss, that is right. Why! Because that is human nature.

I will a take a moment, decade or millenia to embrace something that we are not aware of, or we dont have enough understanding.

There was a myth that the Atlantis people use deuterium for energy resource. But
it was not said that is the cause of their demise. Their demise maybe is
politics. Same as what is happening today.

In the past dismiss the idea of solar system, we believe that we are the center of everything. we are self centered, self serving. That is human nature.

We dismiss Galileo, Copernicus and the others.

But soon, when we advance our way of thinking we can acknowledge it.

Because it is also our human nature to adopt and evolve...

Dont lost your faith on ourself.

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