Monday, April 20, 2009

GMA 7 and Police PNP Sensationalize Ted Failon’s Wife Suicide

I believe we have lost our dignity. What happen to our responsibility
and love as people?
The people, who love Trina, try to cover her apparent suicide because they love her so much. The news of your love ones committing suicide was very hard to take, much more to see.

When the media broke this kind of news they should protect the interest of the victim and their loved ones. GMA 7 created so many speculations that do no good to the investigation and console the lost of the family. Very irresponsible.

The PNP overreacted to this incident by sending too much police force, what happen to the other incident. Who is patrolling our vicinity now? A UP student just died from a holdup and no police to respond.

The Police who has aspiration to run in the next election are showing up their faces in front of TV cameras. Hoping for their fame and stardom.

They must give the benefit of the doubt to the family, let them be
with their dying love ones first.
In this kind of incident the first reaction of the family members was to bring the injured to the hospital and hope that her life will be saved. Are you going to call the police, if your wife is dying.

I remember a police who stop a vehicle for beating a red light even when the passengers already told them that they have a patient that need immediate attention, the police insisted to give them a traffic violation. Sadly the patient died, if only for that few second the police allowed them to pass thru, the patient would have survived. The nation cried for that policeman lapse of judgement.

The house helper initial instinct was to clean up, because they are not a graduate of criminology. They don’t know that it was declared as a crime scene. They are just doing their job. No one told them not to clean up. It was like when you spill your milk on the floor, your immediate reaction was to clean up. It was not your intention to cover anything; it is your impulse who told you so.
When they force everyone and jailed them for obstruction of justice, the
police are stealing the rights of this people to be with their love one, a dying love one.

To be their when she needed them all for all the support. Even people in state of coma can feel that there are people who love them. And yet they tried to take them away, sadly and grief after that incident she exhausted all her energy and pass away. Though she is in coma, she might have feel that her loved ones are very treated badly around her.

There was another incident that the police try to persecute the mother and father of abducted young lady, but it turns out that the prosecutor and the police chief are just trying inject more attention to that because they have aspiration in higher position. Years later the couple was acquitted.

People try to hide facts of their love ones suicide because of guilt, by condemning themselves, ashamed and don’t want the whole world to know that they have failed.

But they have already lost the time of mourning for their love one. In which we
can no longer go back. Stolen by the very people who should be our protector.
I hope this incident should not happen to every one of us.


Anonymous said...

Please, we pray for them...

Anonymous said...

pray for whom? what is the stand of the catholic church on suicide? if it is suicide then the church should condemn the the one who passed away.. is'nt it??

Anonymous said...

pray for whom? what is the stand of the catholic church on suicide? if it is suicide then the church should condemn the the one who passed away.. is'nt it??